Unique selling proposition - SAM silica

Compared to other silica preparations available on the market, Dr. Rilling Healthcare's silica is characterized by a new, innovative special process for "refining" silica into a "bioactive silica" with very high surface activity. As a result of this refinement, silicon has an optimized "retarding" effect (depot formation) throughout the entire digestive tract. Intestinal bacteria can thus better absorb the refined silicon over a longer period of time and thus become effective in the cells. Biological processes such as cell structure, cell renewal and cell metabolism can thus be supported, activated and stabilized.

Silica is essential for the immune system, bones, nails, hair, skin, cartilage, muscle, collagen, etc..

But silica can also play a role in the detoxification of heavy metals. Experts point to a close connection of aluminum in the body and Alzheimer's disease. Silica binds aluminum (among other heavy metals) and discharges it.

According to our research, silicon preparations commonly available on the market are not "refined" but merely ground and mixed with other substances! Thus, no comparable effect is achieved.

Extract from a scientific study proving the high retardation over 24h of Dr. Rilling Healthcare SAM silica:

Retardation Dr. Rilling Healthcare SAM silica (blue line) vs. commercially available silica (red line).