SKINEFFECT disinfection - disinfect and care for hands at the same time

Hygiene is particularly important in the current situation. To protect oneself and others from infections, disinfectants are recommended. But people also want to be germ-free in normal everyday life. Antibacterial cleaners and disinfectants for the hands are used. But the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment warns: many of the agents are toxic, intolerant to the skin and can trigger allergies. They often contain alcohols, corrosive acids or chlorine. These substances can irritate the skin or even cause long-term damage.

Too much hygiene can be particularly harmful to people with sensitive skin. A typical picture in dermatologists' practices is cracked, sometimes even bloody hands. To regenerate the irritated skin, cortisone creams are used, for example. It can take months before the skin is healthy again. Even simple hand washing strains the protective mantle of the skin. It then needs time to rebuild and recover. The alcohols contained in disinfectants additionally dissolve the protective film. This makes the skin susceptible to harmful bacteria.

A skin-friendly alternative instead of cortisone creams is regular application of Dr. Rilling Healthcare SKINEFFECT products. The silica-containing products can preventively and effectively protect and repair the skin. The unique combination of different oils with vitamin E and silicon, also prevents skin aging, improves moisture retention, has antioxidant and smoothing effects.