Nutrition for healthy bones - why nutrients are crucial

Bone density decreases in many people in old age, so that fractures can occur more easily. Especially women after the menopause are at risk of developing osteoporosis. But men are also affected. An important preventive measure is a diet that contains all the important nutrients for the bones. In this blog article, you will find out what they are and what nutrition for healthy bones looks like.

Protein for strong bones

First of all, you need proteins, also known as proteins, as a valuable building block. They are important for both muscles and bones. A protein-rich diet is therefore important for a healthy skeleton. Many proteins are found in meat, dairy products and eggs, for example. But legumes, soy products and nuts are also rich in proteins.

Calcium for bone structure

Adequate calcium intake is crucial for bone density. This mineral is an important building block for bones. This is why it is so important for healthy bones. Dairy products contain a lot of calcium. You can also use calcium-rich mineral water. Also, there are a lot of plant foods that are high in calcium. These include, for example, green vegetables such as spinach, rocket, kale or broccoli. Sesame or chia seeds are also good sources of calcium.

Important for calcium absorption: vitamin D

In order for the body to be able to process the calcium, it needs vitamin D. It hardly gets this special nutrient through food. Instead, we produce this vitamin ourselves. However, the prerequisite is sufficient sunlight, which is unfortunately often scarce in our latitudes and with our lifestyle. So many people have a vitamin D deficiency. You can help with supplements. Otherwise there is a risk that the body will not be able to utilize the calcium well enough.

A colorful diet for healthy bones

In addition to the nutrients mentioned, your bones need many other vitamins and minerals. These include, for example, folic acid, B vitamins and many other nutrients. So that you are well supplied with these valuable substances, you should wear “colorful” meal. So plan as many different foods as possible and try something new! Products that are as natural and seasonal as possible are particularly rich in nutrients.


Nutritional supplement for strong bones

Of course you can take supplements in addition to a healthy diet to support your bones even more. From our range, SILICIUM PLUS is particularly suitable for this:

The SILICIUM PLUS capsules naturally contain the "building block of life", the valuable silica for for your body. The capsules also contain calcium and magnesium. These minerals support your bones, among other things.

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