Silica Skineffect Body Oil (150 ml)

Silica Skineffect Body Oil (150 ml)



  • Cosmetic product and body lotion with MCT-Oil (vegetable oil), almond oil, orange oil, Vitamin E and Silica
  • 150 ml
  • For external use on skin
  • Supports formation of collagen and elastin

Area of application

  • for various skin diseases
  • for accelerated wound healing and regeneration of sunburns
  • for connective tissue weaknesses (cellulite)
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  • Jan F.: „Silicium Pure wird bei uns seit Monaten in der ganzen Familie eingesetzt. Durch die Einnahme konnten wir unterschiedliche Erfahrungen machen. So ist das Hautbild meiner Frau deutlich besser geworden, bereits nach wenigen Tagen wurde die Haut deutlich straffer und glatter (sie nimmt zusätzlich noch das Body Oil). Ich selbst bin seit der Einnahme deutlich fitter und meine Leistungsfähigkeit im Sport (Fitnesstudio, Joggen) hat sich deutlich gesteigert. Wir sind mit den bisherigen Erfahrungen sehr zufrieden!"

Silica Skineffect Body Oil (150 ml)

The potential of silica has long been underestimated by physicians and nutritionists. Meanwhile, the doctrine has changed dramatically. Silica is one of the most essential trace elements today. Especially because of its healing and calming effect. Silica promotes the formation of collagen and elastin and thus provides strength and elasticity of the connective tissue.
Experience reports and according to scientific research, the use of silica leads to amelioration of various skin problems such as itching, eczema, skin abrasions, eczema, scalds and burns (including sunburn) or insect bites. " Dr. Rilling Healthcare products thus contribute to faster and better tissue regeneration.

Cosmetic product and body lotion based on MCT oil (vegetable oil), almond oil, orange oil, vitamin E and silica on a liquid basis::
A product for external application and supplementation of silica uptake for the whole family.

150 ml

Shake before use. Apply sparingly on the skin and rub in evenly. The mild oil is suitable for all skin types and can be used several times a day.

Amygdalus Dulcis oil (almond oil)
MCT oil (vegetable oil)
Tocopherol (vitamin E)
Orange oil

Store cool and dry. Shelf life 24 months, starting to consume within 6 months


✓ Traditionally used to strengthen skin and connective tissue
✓ Counteracts brittle hair and nails
✓  Initial studies allow conclusions to be drawn on the major significance of silica in bone metabolism
✓  Intended to have a favorable effect on the elimination of aluminum and avoidance of aluminum accumulation in the body

Benefit from the advantages of the SAM technology

✓ Optimal availability
✓ Supply to deep regions of the intestines
✓ Pure raw materials

We use only the purest pharmaceutical- or food-grade raw materials. Production and filling take place exclusively in Germany.

Keep out of reach of small children. Container is under pressure (propane / butane gas mixture). Protect from sunlight and temperatures above 50 ° C. Do not crack open or set fire to after using. Do not spray on burning objects or flames. Keep away from children, do not spray in the eyes or on irritated skin.

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Delivery time appr. 1-3 workdays